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Ladies and Gentleman! Dear Friends! In 2009 we made a decision to present you an unusual new and very complex work which Vitas had been preparing for three years. This is not just a new album; it is an important gain in Artist's creative work. Only you will be able to appreciate and understand emotional warmth, inner power an energy which Vitas put into this work. The artist created 40 minutes of musical creation "Light Of A New Day" tediously, choosing note by note the best, the strongest and the most sincere things which could be felt with the heart and soul. All Vitas's voice power, all abilities of his light energy filled this work which he called "Light Of A New Day".


This is the separate world of music and voice for those who needs emotional protection and an aura of kindness and light, who needs support in this life. We have received thousands of letters from different corners of the world for 10 years. People tell us about feelings and emotions which they had listening to Vitas's voice, feeling the atmosphere of the concert and music. Many people wrote about unusual and nearly magic influence of this atmosphere on their inner state. Many people try to use Vitas's music as a kind therapy, while some medical institutions Vitas's music therapy became an official part of medical programme. Here are some examples of such usage.


I, Sergey Pudovkin, thank Vitas for what his ability to make people happier and gives them confidence in today's and tomorrow's day. At least, it helps them with his creative work and power of his talent.






IRINA, MOSCOW: Oh, my God!!! Bless him! Give him Patience, Gladness, hearty Light, Inspiration and Love... Each his work like a new pearl appears in our hearts with tears of gladness as heaven-sent!!!!! You want to hear him again and again,... infinitely! I breathe this voice, plunging into thin ethereal world, but I cannot get to know this sweet secret of life... As a crystal starts to play with different colors of a rainbow, when the beam of the sun falls to it, as unsurpassed pure voice of Vitas plays and sparkles with all shades in a beam of divine light. This voice both flows with tenderness from the depth of the soul,and shrilly fills with itself all space... I do not know, whom I should thank,.. Vitas for his talent,..or the God who has created this miracle,.. or people due to whom he is on the stage... But I want to embrace all the world with fine feeling of gratitude, happiness and love!


VITAS first appeared on the Russian stage with his hit "OPERA N# 2" in December 2000. Vitas has following achievements during the period of his active creative work:


- he released sixteen albums ("Philosophy of Miracle", "Smile!", "Mother", "The Songs of My Mother", "Kiss As Long As Eternity", "Return Home. Part 1", "Return Home. Part 2", "XX-th Century HITS", "Light Of A New Day", "Say You Love", "Grand Collection", "Masterpieces of Three Centuries", "Romances" "Mommy and Son", "Only You.My Love Story.Part 1", "I'll Give You The World. My Love Story.Part 2")


- he released two singles ("Opera # 2" and "Goodbye"). According to the official sales results, the single "Opera # 2" was awarded a Russian Prize (established by the producers of phonograms "Record") as the bestselling single of 2001, 2002 and 2003


- he became a Musical Discovery of Year according to the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" and the Internet Survey "FORUM 2001"


- he became a three-time-laureate of the festivals "The Song of the Year-2000", "The Song of the Year-2001" and "The Song of the Year-2002"


- he became a two-time-laureate of the People Prize "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Opera N# 2" in 2001 and for the song "Smile!" in 2002


- he became a four-time-laureate of the Musical Prize "PODIUM" for the most stylish achievements in pop music in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005


- he became a laureate of the prize "People’s HIT" in 2001, 2002 and 2003. His songs "Opera N# 2", "Smile!" ,"The Star" were the most frequently rotated ones in RF


- he became a winner of the Prize "100 Per Cent HIT" established by the radio station "HIT FM" in 2001 and 2003


- he was acknowledged the Soloist of the Year according to the results of the National Musical Prize "Ovation" in 2002


- According to the Russian Internet portal AFISHA.COM Vitas is recognized to be an actor among Russian actors in 2004, 2005, 2006 who has given the greatest number of concerts on the territory of Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Baltics, Israel.


- he established a indisputable record having organized the premiere of his solo concert in the State Kremlin Palace on March 29, 2002. Vitas became the youngest artist who performed a solo concert at the Kremlin


- he shot eighteen MVs ("Opera N# 2", "Opera N# 1", "Blessed Guru", "Smile!", "The Star", "Mother", "The Bird of Happiness", "Kiss As Long As Eternity", "Shores of Russia", "Lucia Di Lammermoorr", "Crane’s Crying", "Jamaica", "La Donna E Mobile", "Love Me", "One Two Three", "War Veterans", "I’d Like to Go Up to Sky", "I'll Give You..." )


- he was acknowledged the Best Foreign Artist according to MTV ASIA version in 2011


In 2002 at the personal request of the Council of the Worldwide League "Intellect Without Drugs" Vitas and his producer Sergey Pudovkin joined the Board of Guardian of the Worldwide League and became its honorary members alongside with Patriarch of All Russia, Dalai Lama, Koffey Annan, Tina Turner,the presidents of more than 20 countries. Vitas was presented "the Stone of the World", which is 350 million years old, at the ceremony of purification at the foot of the sacred mountain Tashtar Ata. According to the legend, this stone has absorbed all the good deeds of the world during the whole history of the mankind.


Vitas presented his collection of the clothes "Autumn Dreams" on the stage of the State Kremlin Palace in September 29, 2002. The show included 42 styles of ladies’ outfits some of which had already been displayed in Almaty, Vilnius, Berlin, Tashkent, Tel Aviv, Ashkelon. At present Mr.Pudovkin is holding negotiations with western companies to create and promote the VITAS brand as his own line of clothing.


In December,2002 Vitas took part in the TV series which was a screen version of Mrs. Dontsova’s novel "A Beloved Scoundrel". He played the part of an artist coming to the capital from the provinces and causing a sensation on the pop stage with his unique voice and songs. Vitas created two soundtracks for the movie. During the filming the producers of the series offered Sergey Pudovkin to prolong the contract for the next serial cycle.



The premiere of the dramatic performance "Victor or Kids in Power" by Rogeur Vitraque took place on the stage of Mayakovsky's Theatre in spring, 2003. Vitas played the leading role of a nine-year-old boy. The director Dmitry Tcherniakov (a three-time-laureate of "The Golden Mask") and the producer Pavel Kaplevich invited Tatyana Drubich, Renata Litvinova and Mr. Romanov to participate in this project.


Vitas took part in the Festival of Indian Films which was held in Delhi from January 6 till January 11, 2003. Within the framework of the festival program Vitas gave a solo concert and took part in the opening ceremony.


Vitas got an invitation from Lucio Dalla, the composer, who created "In Memory of Caruso", to perform this famous song Vitas together with the author at the concerts "San Remo in Moscow" held in the State Kremlin Palace. Vitas’ voice enchanted not only the audience but Mr. Dalla himself. So the composer invited Vitas to come to Rome to take part in the rehearsals of "Toska", the modern version of the legendary opera.


Vitas presented his second solo program "The Songs of My Mother" in the Concert Hall "RUSSIA", Moscow in November 2003. It consisted of more than 30 compositions, 19 of which were being created by Vitas specially for the premiere. Two new albums of the artist were prepared and released for the premiere. One album included the songs which are considered to be the gold reserves of Russian pop-music, such as "Kings Can Do Everything", "Winter", "Chrysanthemums", "And the Gipsy is going", "The Bird of Happiness" and much more. The second album included only the new songs composed by Vitas – "An Autumn Leave", "The Star", "God, How I Love", "Even Stars will Like Letters", "Mother".


The Production Center "Pudovkin" organized an unprecedented tour with the program "The Songs of My Mother" in Russia and the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Israel and the Baltic States in 2004-2006. This concert program is favourite for the Spectator. The actor has come to many towns 3 and even 4 times with it, performing for the halls full of audience.


Vitas gave more than 600 performances with the program "The Songs of My Mother" in 2005, 2006. His touring schedule is filled till the premiere on 8, March 2007



Vitas became the most popular touring actor in Russia in 2004-2006. His premiere "The Songs of My Mother" was acknowledged "the best musical event of the year". The album "A Kiss As Long As Eternity" released on October 8, 2004 had unprecedented record sales in Russia and CIS: more than 2 million copies were sold less than half a year. The total number of CDs sold during the period of the singer’s creative activity exceeded 100 million copies.


A bit unpleasant fact: according to the estimation of the independent agency "RINKON" Vitas’ albums are the most "favourite" for pirates. 20 000! variants of different albums of the actor were registered. And it’s only in Russia.



Vitas' entry to the Asian market took place in 2005. Mentality and perception was absolutely different from ours, the lack of knowledge of Russian were not on the way for dozen thousands of admirers from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan first to pay attention and then to love Vitas' creative work, his voice and songs. At the end of 2004 the site Vitas China Online was opened, and now the number of registered members of this the fan-club has exceeded one million 5 million 400 thousand people. There are more than 10 million people in the guest book. More than 600 fan-clubs have been formed in this region for half a year. Letters from Chinese friends overfill an electronic box of the actor daily.



Here some extracts from the letters of Chinese fans:


QIAN YING: He is like an elf, an angel who has come down from the sky. He is like a running river, dehiscent flowers, birds' singing... He is a divine gift, and we should thank the Lord that we live with him on our planet...


AILEEN ZHANG: He's a real miracle of our world. To the world where there is no belief, no dream, love and beauty, a boy, a prince has comes from the star. He's one of the heaven-sent.


I hopelessly fell in love with his voice at first sound. It's both a magnificent and an exciting thing. I have never heard such a voice. His music can be called magic, his songs are full of feelings, which are common for all mankind. His magic art has touched me. It opens fine world in front of me where only a pure sound and a pure soul exist. He's a dream for us, a beautiful, romantic, endless dream...


Thanks to startling love of Chinese friends Vitas took part in shootings of the New Year's program on China's TV (it is sure to be on the New Year according to the Chinese calendar). Vitas did not only congratulate Chinese friends on the New Year with the help of his songs, but he told some Chinese words either.



And 2007 has been a premiere year for the actor.


The Premiere "Return Home", which has been produced for three years, took place in March, 2007. More than 20 new Vitas'compositions were included into the premiere. Many songs have already become favourite for the audience. "Crane's Crying", "Shores of Russia", "I Ask All Saints", "The Little Prince", "I Repeat Your Name" are a small part of new songs which were presented to the audience at the premiere. There were duet works with I.Kobzon, N.Kadisheva, B. Moiseev with a symphonic orchestra conducted by N.Ustjuzhanin, and the chorus of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.




A release of a new singer's album took place on the occasion of the premiere. It was presented in two parts. A new page in the life of the actor has been opened since this moment.


Vitas have arrived in Russia and China, the Ukraine and Belarus, the Baltics and Kazakhstan, Germany and the USA, Israel and Australia with the new program "Return Home", with new feelings and emotions, with new songs. It was a real return home because there is a Spectator who is waiting for and loves the Actor in all these countries.


The Actor has been appearing on the stage in brilliant mood for several years amazing and admiring million people with his voice, nobleness of music and lyrics, light energy, atmosphere of happiness and love.


In September 2007 International Welfare Fund "Patrons of Art of Century" made a decision to award Vitas and Sergey Pudovkin with the prize "Service to the Art" for their major contribution to the development of Russian Art.





There is a new important event in a creative life of the artist in November, 2007. The contract was signed between Gemini Sun Records (USA) and the producer center "Pudovkin" after a stunning Vitas's success in Asia and a sensation among Vitas's solo concerts on the largest stages of Asia and the sale of CD and DVD. The contract was signed to release Audio-Visual Connect Series™ , two CDs - Musical Video DVD and Musical collection CD on the territory of the USA.

This event marked the beginning of Vitas's world premiere. Here is a press release, made by the official label of Vitas in the USA Gemini Sun Records. company.






In February 2008 Vitas became a laureate of the National Prize of the public recognition of Russian Citizens' achievements "Russian Citizen Of The Year" in the nomination "Art without limits". The exalted aims of the Prize is to be recognized as one of the most prestigious world prizes to award citizens of the country for their great services for the homeland. The award ceremony with the National Prize "Russian Citizen Of The Year" to laureates is on of the glorious traditions to celebrate the best people of the Russian Federation. The ceremony is to show the world heroes of our time – contemporaries whose acts are worth attention as achievements of great predecessors. Today our society especially needs positive examples – they inspire pride for our country, stimulate genuine creation and love to Motherland”. (an extract from the Organizing committee’s letter)





The Chinese Organizing Committee of the XXIX Olympic Games invited a well-known Russian Artist Vitas to take part in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Sailing Games. The Opening Ceremony took place in the seaside city Qingdao, China on August 9th, 2008.




"The invitation to Mr Vitas


“Century Dream - Welcome to Olympics - 2008”
is event of a national level and huge evening show which took place in Beijing on July, 29. This show is organized by China Ministry of Propaganda, the national Gym chief Bureau, Beijing Olympic Committee, the Government of Beijing and CCTV. Millions of people all over the world watched this grandiose live event which will declare "countdown" to the Opening Olympic Games. The scale of show, gold team of superstars of world culture, great number of guests and official persons from different countries present magnificence and grandiosity of Olympics in Beijing. We thank Mr Vitas for his support and his participation in this historical event."


The company EVOLUTION LTD released CD/DVD Vitas Audio Visual Connect Series with English, Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese Subtitles in Hong Kong on August, 4th, 2008


The release of this product also will take place in territory of S.E.Asia - Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Macau, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, Papua New Guinea in the near future.


In October 2008 the largest world label UNIVERSAL JAPAN has declared the beginning of an advertising campaign for album of Russian star Vitas Audio-Visual Connect Series ™.


Press-conference of S.Pudovkin, Vitas's producer, devoted to the beginning of the world tour "Sleepless Night" was in Bucharest on February, 6, 2009. The first performance within the bounds of the tour took place on the most prestigious stage of Rumania "Sala Palatului" on February, 25. Six thousand people were eyewitnesses of high-technology show where the Artist presented not only his hits and premiere of his songs from the album of the same name, but as well as songs in Chinese, Italian, English and even Romanian. A legendary Maestro Gheorghe ZAMFIR was on the stage "Sala Palatului" in Bucharest to congratulate Vitas with his success. Mr Gheorghe ZAMFIR is a virtuoso who has four platinum discs and he has become a cult musician in Europe. He was surprised by the Artist's talent and prepared a special musical present, a composition devoted to the singer. During the press-conference in the presence of mass media from 12 European countries Mr ZAMFIR said his brilliant artistic talent and voice exceeding the legendary Farinelli had ensured Vitas "the sold out" all over the Europe. And producer Sergey Pudovkin got a surprise - a collection champagne with the name VITAS. The level of the interest to a legendary vocalist was so high in Europe, that the solo concert was shot by the First national TV channel with the following broadcasting all over the European channels. Spoilt by various shows Europe welcomed Vitas and applauded him.



On February,18, 2009 Vitas became the only invited artist who performed at the Opening Ceremony of the World Student Games in Harbin. .


This performance was watched in 86 countries. Next day Vitas received a unique fantastic present on his birthday. It was a sculpture created by the sculptor from Guangzhou. Now this sculpture is kept at GUANGZHOU ACADEMY OF ARTS, China.


Vitas became a real sensation in the world according to both a number of sold CD copies (more than 100 million sold CDs) and a large scale spectacle and high quality tour "Return home" in Asia 2008, where there were more than 500,000 people and an incredible fever about these concerts.


But the biggest sensation is people's feeling at Vitas's performances: ecstasy and stunning emotions when a thousand-people stadium are chanting "bravo" in a single impulse.


It is this stage unsurpassed mastery, many-sided repertoire, sincere charm of the Artist, overflowing positive emotions on the stage and in the concert hall, the voice, enrapturing with its great range and intonation accuracy, which let Vitas become an elite of the world show business. This is the first case of our pop-music when the most prestigious concert halls of the world are competing to book the Artist, when there are up to 50,000 people at the concerts, and the offers to arrange large-scale tours are received for 2012.


A skilled performance of the world masterpieces such as «Nessun Dorma», «La donna mobile», «Ave Maria», «O sole, mio» in Italian, the famous songs «The Tibetan Plateau», «Jasmine Flower» in Chinese and, of course, a series of author’s compositions by Vitas, created for the premiere, prepared an unusual success in the Artist’s new work: SLEEPLESS NIGHT is a premiere which will be presented to your attention, the premiere which is being waited for in the world.


But something unreal happen before the beginning of the world tour: Russian actor, singer Vitas played one of the leading parts in the historical film "MULAN", the director is JINGLE MA (Russian audience knows him by his works "Mummy" and "Mummy-2"). Vitas was so confident and original at the shootings "MULAN" so that he got an invitation to the participation in three large-scale film projects in the studios of Hong- Kong and the USA. Vitas's story as an actor has just begun and the first step, which struck the participants of the film crew and the audience, has already been done.


The worls premiere of "MULAN" is anticipated in winter, 2009. Of course, the film soundtrack has been recorded by Vitas in Beijing studio at the first take, performing five and a half octaves which are exorbitant even for Vitas. But this was the task because the army of many thousands got going to the battle with his voice.



This is the first time when Russian musician took part in the world blockbuster, playing the main part with the leading actors of the world film industry. And the producer S. Pudovkin got an offer to control the spreading and development of Asian studios film sales in CIS and Europe.


The title of "The Best Foreign Artist" according to the version MTV ASIA in 2011 officially proved Vitas’s status as a world star. Vitas constantly receive invitations to participate in national festivals, at the most prestige concert hall of the world. Attention of the world audience requires more efficiency and effort from the artist in creation of new shows and performances. The singer’s repertoire is getting larger and larger and widens with works of the world classic: Italian compositions "La Donna Mobile", "О Sole Mio", "Nessun Dorma", "The Tibetan Plateau" in Chinese, songs in Romanian, Polish and English are being recorded. Thus, there is material for a premiere album called "Masterpieces of Three Centuries" which is released by the company "KVADRO-Disk". More than 20 foreign companies are buying a license for an album release in their countries.


The level of the singer’s popularity in the world also favours the signing of the largest advertising contract with MERCEDES Company which has offered Vitas to become a brand face of a new series of the first class autos. Now Vitas “has to” drive an exclusive auto that there is a double bed, a shower, satellite TV, the Internet, the system of active air cleaning and a lot of other useful developments which are necessary during long hours of traveling both in Russia and in Asia, Europe and the USA.


At this very period Vitas is preparing a new album to be released where there will be only the songs of the musician himself. The songs that are devoted to Vitas’s family and in memory of his mother “Mother and son” is the name of a new release. The main song of the album “Mother and son” has struck hearts of many Vitas’s admirers. The basis of the lyric became a real SMS – a kind of correspondence between mother and a little boy, her son who turned out to be under the obstruction after a terrible earthquake in Sichuan province. The composition “Dedication to Mother”, “Parents’ House”, “A Little Rook”, “Teach Me, Father” are a new creative tendency in the artist’s life. These songs have become popular in many countries of the world. It is this repertoire which has become a basis of the concert program “Mother and Son” which Vitas will perform in 2011-2012..


Every time staging in all countries Vitas thanks people for their support and attention, for their ability to empathize and love, for the opportunity to share their innermost feelings, give their light energy and see people’s happy eyes after the concert.


In 2011 Vitas was shot in a new Chinese revolutionary super-film “The Founding of the Chinese Communist Party”.


Here is what the largest news agency of Russia ITAR-TASS writes about it: “Numerous fans of the Russian singer Vitas in the Celestial Empire stood in anticipation his new appearance on a large Chinese screen: the performer, who can be called an idol of Chinese youth, was shot in the blockbuster “The Founding of the Party” is devoted to the 90th anniversary of Communist Party in China. Chinese premiere of the film will be on June, 15, 2011, two weeks before the red date of the party calendar. This tape is a continuation, to be more exact a prequel the appeared in 2009 film ‘The Founding of Republic” which is devoted to the PRC creation in 1949. It is not difficult to notice that it was also devoted to this big event – the 60th of the PRC.



Famous actors of continental China and Hong-Kong were shot together with Vitas in a new tape of the directors Han Sanping and Huang Jianxin. They are Andy Lau, John Woo, Tang Wei, Chow Yun-Fat. The film dates back to the records of the newest Chinese history telling about tumultuous events of 1917-1921. However, in comparison with the film "The Founding of Republic", which contains big historical scenes, the film "The Founding of the Party" has a more intimate feature. A lyric line shows a young and hot-tempered Mao Tse-Tung and his young girlfriend Yang Kaihui who gave a birth to Мао’s three sons and who was killed by merciless class enemies. And Vitas plays the role of Grigori Voitinsky in the “Kremlin” part of the film which was shot in Russia. Voitinsky /1893-1953/ was a Soviet political figure, scientist-Sinologist. After participation in the Civil war in the Far East he was responsible for the work in the Executive committee of Comintern and as its representative he took part in the work of the 4th and the 5th party congresses, a number of party plenums. In 1926-1927 he was a chairman of Comintern bureau in Shanghai. But he has a rather walk-on part. Sure, everybody is interested in a question if Vitas sings some revolutionary songs like “Hostile vortexes’ or “Our engine, go ahead!”. Though in Chinese film "Mulan" Vitas sang. But it was another story, also heroic, but more remote from our days and not so political.” (Beijing, June 2011)


The artist has the same bright and eventful life in Russia and CIS. In 2012 Vitas goes on a large-scale tour “Mother and son’ which consists of 200 concerts in Russia, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and the Baltic states. This is incredible interest taking into account general condition of Russian tour business where the artist gets a deserving status of an artist-“sold out” and becomes a record breaker in a number of held concerts again in 2011.


The new year of 2012 starts for the artist with a large television premiere in talk-show "Let Them Speak" on the First national channel of Russia. Andrey Malakhov devoted the program to Vitas’s life story. We can tell about a touching and family atmosphere in the studio, amazing stories from Vitas’s father and grandfather, his wife and lovely little daughter Alla a lot, but it’s better to see it with your own eyes.



The national rating of the program with Vitas caused a sensation. It won all conceivable viewing records in the season. The newspaper "Kommersant" (Businessman), №7 (4792), of January, 18, 2012 writes, "the most popular project of the week was Andrey Malakhov’s program “Let Them Speak” of January, 10, 2012, the guest of which was Vitas. General Russian indices for the first working day after the New Year holidays are unexpectedly high. The rating is 12,4%, viewing portion is 30,5%. The whole hour during the program there was a sign “Exclusive” in the left-hand corner of the screen. The exclusive was Vitas. He sang, told about his died mother sincerely. His wife with his little daughter came to the studio. The spouses shared the secret of the meeting and personal life". In 2012 this Vitas' benefit performance has entered the TOP-20. It has been watched by more than 30,5% of viewers or every tenth one. (Pursuant to Kommercant newspaper №245 (5030), 26.12.2012)


The album “Mommy and Son”, which was released in 2011, became an absolute record breaker in Russian show business according to its number of copies. 5 million 200 thousand copies brought Vitas recognition, he was acknowledged as one of the most popular musicians in 2012. The number of concerts with the program “Mommy and Son” struck our imagination not only with its fantastic sales, but the coverage of the territory as well. This solo concert was performed 12 times only on the most prestigious stage of St. Petersburg – Large Concert Hall. This show was sold out for every performance, and every time Vitas was welcomed heartily and enthusiastically by the grateful audience. These were the concerts “Mommy and Son” where Vitas felt real people’s love.



Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Israel, France, Poland, China, Japan, Korea, the USA, Canada, Australia – this list of countries, which saw and liked this touching, sincere and very private program, is far from a complete one. “Little rook”, “Mommy and Son”, “Dedication to mother”, “Teach me, father”, Parents’ house” and a lot of other compositions became Vitas’ indicative author songs. Only in Russia the solo program “Mommy and Son” was presented more than 500 times nearly in all towns from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. What’s more important, the artist entered the stage several times in every city, realizing he was being waited for and loved by the people who were dear to him. That’s why Vitas said at his every performance, “Thanks for your love! I send you my best regards for your kindness, understanding, empathy and support”.


2014 was the first large author, composer, artist’s anniversary. Vitas started preparing for creation of a new bright author’s program “Story of my love. 15 years with you”. This is the premiere, which will take place in a large hall “Crocus City Hall” in Moscow in March, 2014, with the participation of the Large Symphonic Orchestra from St. Petersburg, the ballet “MaryDance” and the instrumental band “DIVA”.

The Producer center “Pudovkin” will sign the contract with the record company in 2013 to release an anniversary album “Only you. Story of my love. The first chapter”, which will become a basis for a new artist’s show. The songs from the new program have already reached the top-ratings of the Russian radio stations. And the song “Only you” has become a real sensation on the Russian radio according to the number of orders from the listeners, and it is still taking leading positions in TOP-20 of “Golden gramophone”. The songs “Two capitals”, “Love won’t lower the flag”, “Insomnia”, “Forgive and good bye” and a lot of others, which are worth listening to and seeing, have a bright destiny. The preparation for the premiere is going at a full speed, and a lot of the songs have already been presented on our site. But the premiere of the album itself will be very soon. The release will be in Russia first, then (only ponder this number) in 42 countries of the world, which will see and listen to “Vitas’ story of love”. Today Vitas’ producer Sergey Pudovkin has already planned the world tour with this premiere until 2016. Such love, such demand for the singer and artist Vitas is the greatest achievement and award for him. Press-release to the premiere

Thanks for your love, our dear audience from all over the world!

See you soon at the premiere 2014 “Vitas: story of my love. 15 years with you”.



In spring, 2014 Vitas took part in the grandiose show "Exact copy" on the first TV channel. Vitas created 14 striking unforgettable images - J.Shatunov, N.Gnatyuk, Zemfira, S.Pavliashvili, V.Syutkin, A.Mironov, S,Shnurov, M.Galkin, A.Vertinskiy, E.Hil, M.Kallas, Glukoza, G.Sukachev, Psay. You can watch all Vitas' images in the videoarchive and photogallery on the official website - episodes 1- 7, episodes 8- 11.



There was Vitas’ exclusive concert “My love story. 15 years with you” in the concert hall Theatre du Leman in Geneve, Switzerland, on 23 September. The organizers of the concert held a professional advertising campaign. 25,000 advertising flyers were distributed in Switzerland. The concert was announced by all Swiss mass media and the Internet resources. The concert was visited by the UN representatives, ambassadors and consuls of several countries, VIP audience from Geneva, Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Montreux, Zion, directors and owners of Swiss watch and jewelry companies. The radio and media partners both of Russian and Swiss-speaking publications were invited, representatives of the Internet websites. The artist’s fans from European countries, China, Japan, America, Canada came to Geneva for the sake of the only concert. After the concert, Vitas was interviewed by a Russian-speaking Zurich magazine “Russian Switzerland”, and the audience could take Vitas’ autograph. - photos from Geneve.


But the greatest success in 2015 for Vitas was expected during the concert tour "The Story of my Love, 15 years with you" in the concert stadiums.. Neither the actor, the producer Sergey Pudovkin, nor the organizers could have assumed such success. The great praise from the audience, fantastic interest from the mass media , national television , many fans from other countries and their huge support , that's why the Vitas' premiere program was an incredible success!!




Vitas tour poster advertisements on city buildings all over China.




Fans of Vitas flew in to these concerts from Australia, America, Israel, Europe, and also Russia, watched with astonishment and delight the resounding success of the new concert program. More then 30 concerts in stadiums with a capacity of up to 70 thousand people, and in some cities 3-4 concerts were held! The result of many years of work, the best songs, new works, and the fantastic voice of the legendary Vitas. This is truly a great result of a high standard artist, who presented his work at the most prestigious concert halls of China and the Asian regions. The success of the program and spectator excitement was so great that during this world tour, organizers even turned to question Sergey Pudovkin  about carrying out a new series of concerts in 2016,  in one years time.  The history of world show business had not seen such an example of a huge concert tour at the largest stadiums repeated in a year, and in 2016 , one year later, there will be another premiere! 

Photosession 2016: Photos taken by one of the top photographers in China.
Already prepared, 12 new original songs will form the basis of a new concert program, which VItas will present in 2016. An interesting , unusual, and unexpected event was the recording of "Made in China" a duet sung by Vitas and Sergey Pudovkin. Listen to the song. This playful and happy song gained extraordinary popularity not only in China, but also Europe, America, and Russia, and was loved by many fans of Vitas. You can see for youself, the video:
MV "Made in China", Vitas and Sergey Pudovkin
In 2016 was another sensational event, unprecedented in the history of Russian show business. Vitas' song , "The 7th Element" received unprecedented recognition on the USA internet scene. In 10 days, more then 20 million views in the United States. American and British groups, created parodies of this song using elements of the the song in their works and one of the highest-rated programs in the United States "The Soup" called Vitas a world sensation and invited him to film the show "New Years 2016"
Another great television event took place in 2016, a popular American show, which is known in Russia under the name "Вечерний Ургант" with the host Jimmy Fallon, told the American audience about the Russian nightingale with a space voice, Vitas, and showed a story about the artist. With an infinite number of likes, inquiries to see Vitas, and the phenomenal support of the viewers: the Americans, Europeans, Chinese, and Russian viewers , give Vitas all means to ensure a rapid success of the singer all around the world. 
In 2016, the singer prepared a number of big songs, one being the song "I Divide Love into Shares", which was also was created into a music video. (The words for this song, written by the famous Russian poet Mikhail Gutseriev). You can watch the video here:
In Russia, in 2015-2016, Vitas conducted more then 200 concerts with the premiere "The Story of My Love. 15 Years with You!".  The artist was greeted by crowds showing "Bravo" and most importantly, offers to return to these cities because the energy the artist gave at the concerts, the new songs which became favorites of fans of all ages, created huge love and feelings of respect and mutual devotion between the actor and his numerous admirers. 
The legendary story of Vitas continues: in June 2016, Vitas producer Sergey Pudovkin has signed an agreement to conduct a grand tour in October, November, and December 2016 in the largest stadiums around Asia! It will be an amazing new bright page in the creative life of the artist: the actor, who with their work, their talent, and their love of the audience has earned recognition around the world.
Featured Documentaries Highlighting Vitas' success in China
June 19, 2016. In Guangzhou, Vitas took part as the main guest star in the biggest music festival in China, "Pan Asian Stars 2016", where he performed three original songs and gave a start to a great show. Once again, Vitas was recognized as the most popular international artists in China, proving its the most popular singer, composer, actor on the world stage.
Beautiful bright work, together with renowned new hits of Vitas: "Heart", "Forever", "Infinity", "Made in China", "Dancing in the Moonlight", "Without You", became a new bright, colorful page in the creative biography of the legendary singer. The premiere of the album "Made in China" was a great success and was presented China, Japan, European countries on the 25th year of Vitas' career. This is the fantastic result , the fantastic performance and the desire to create ! He is a talented ,many-sided singer , who has the desire to surprise, amaze and create his spectators from all around the world!



VITAS - THE UNKNOWN LEGEND - The VITAS tour " COME TO YOU " at ASIA stadiums completed on November 30, 2016 . Watch the video STAR: THE LEGEND OF THE CELESTIFIED  . As part of the first part of the world tour, Vitas played 14 concerts at ASIA stadiums.




- all, as part of the tour, Vitas show was watched by more than 1 million spectators, on average at each concert there were 70.000 spectators
- during the tour more than 70 million new CDs "Made in China" were sold
- recorded two duos with the star of China, Liu Yang
- 8 press conferences were held. Watch video Hyo Fei  , Shi Yang 
 - VITASA WAX FIGURE was made , which will be placed in 600 museums in ASIA
 - Vitas producer, Sergey Pudovkin, has signed a contract for the tour of the singer 2018 - 2019
November 25, the release of the video Vitas " Made in China ",
which in one day looked 18.000.000 Internet users around the world
watch and download a clip for youtube (H.264.mp4 - 206.4 mb)
Vitas 2019:   Goodwill Ambassador in China / Opening of the wax figure in GUANGZHOU 
In the year of the 70th anniversary of friendship between China and Russia, the singer Vitas became a goodwill ambassador and opened with his speech a series of events dedicated to the Year of Russia in China. In Chengdu, a concert of the legendary artist, which was held in honor of the transfer of a unique red panda. From China to the Moscow Zoo. The unique representative of the celestial fauna will travel to Moscow by special flight in the near future.
The next day, Vitas held a presentation at the largest wax museum in China: the city of Guangzhou.
Vitas face-to-face met his copy, talked with numerous fans, unfortunately, among whom there was a conflict because of the opportunity to get the right to take a photo with two Vitas at once. More than 600 journalists accredited to the opening ceremony of the wax figure , according to the organizers' estimates, more than 5,000 fans came to meet with the star of the Celestial.
Here's how Vitas's achievements were rated by the ruTV news portal:
And this is a hot news report made by Channel 5:

On July 21, 2019, Vitas made a special guest at the largest EDM music festival in the world, Tomorrowland. At the special invitation of Australian DJ Timmy Trumpet, the artists performed two songs together. The audience was not only shocked and not prepared for the appearance of Vitas, but the video of this event also collected millions of views on social networks. The Tomorrowland Festival is one of the most popular shows, tickets for which are often sold out within 1 hour of release.




After a grand performance at the Tomorrowland festival in Belgium, Vitas began to receive offers from the most famous DJ's in the world to participate in joint events and create joint tracks.


And in China, the largest tour in the history of Vitas is being prepared: more then 20 concerts at the largest stadiums in the Middle Kingdom, and the first daughter of Vitas, Alla, will appear on the stage and will present several solo compositions in collaboration with her famous father.


In 2020, Vitas took part in the main concert of the People's Republic of China: New Year's concert "Gala 2020". A new version of Opera #2 was introduced with the participation of famous Chinese musicians.This verison became very popular in the Middle Kingdom and brought Vitas a huge youth audience and support around the world.



In 2020, another premiere took place, which had a great resonance in the country of Russia and abroad. This joint work was with the legandary ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, known as the most famous in the world. The author's song "Behind Her", became the pearl of the 2020 New Year's Spark in Russia and recieved millions of internet views.



In 2020, the release of Vitas' new album "Bit Bombit" took place: 12 bright dance action movies, a completely new musical sound, vibrant dynamic melodies, catchy texts, recieved the support of all fans of the artist and had great ratings on radio stations and television channels.


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Vitas’s new album includes several music videos that in many ways came as a surprise to the large army of fans of the artist. Viewers saw a completely new image and format of musical sound in such works as:
« Подари мне любовь» -
«Симфоническая» -
«Делала» -



In February 2020, on the eve of the artists birthday, a documentary film called "Celestial Legend" will aire on the the First channel and Vitas' participation with Andrei Malakhov will be shown as part of a special "live broadcast" project.
A large army of Vitas fans will find suprises, unexpected duets, and of course, exclusive premieres that will always suprise and amaze the imagination.