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Results of the competition for the best filming of Vitas’ songs.


Dear friends!

On the 1st of July the company Silver Age Ltd. together with Vitas’ official site announced the competition

for the best filming of such Vitas’ songs as "I Will Remember That Day"  и "See You Soon".


Today the jury in the person of Vitas, Sergey Pudovkin and Aleksey Kedrinskiy have finished their work and announced the winners.

Totally 19 works were presented for the competition. You can watch all works here


We thank all the authors who have sent their works to take part in the competition.

We especially thank you for your patience and diligence during studying the special editing tool “MyStory”.

It was an obligatory competition term and you fulfilled it perfectly.


The song "See You Soon" has gathered the largest number of filmings – 12.

The main creative battle was connected with this song.

Such criteria as perfect reveal of the song sense, creativity, quality of photos and editing were assessed at the competition.

The jury has chosen two works, which can be considered as ready clips for this song, unanimously.


The author Ronald - his film


The author Irina - her film


The song "I Will Remember That Day" turned out to be more difficult to be filmed.

So it was hard work to choose a winner here, because all the sent works were approximately of the same level.

The difference between them was just in the number of photos.

Nevertheless, having watched the projects several times and studied all nuance, the jury chose two best works.


The author Nastya - her film


The author Tigrinka2013 - her film


Four winners will get a crystal Spheroid

as well as a new album "Only You" and DVD "Mother and son" with Vitas’ autograph.


Moreover, the jury suggested marking out the work which had found the most emotional response.

This is an unusual project which reveals Vitas’ song "See You Soon". ” in a very unexpected way.

The story has really appeared to tug at heartstrings.


The author Nastya - her film


This author will get a crystal Spheroid, DVD "The Best from Vitas", a poster with Vitas' autograph and a gift from the project


We congratulate all these talented film makers!


 We ask to send your post addresses to


We thank all the authors who have participated in our competition!

All your works will be saved in the gallery of the site (Vitas’ nomination).

Silver Age Company  invites everyone to continue filming in the format myStory, participating in a monthly competition


Thanks for your attention!

Silver Age Ltd.